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Dock leveler plate parts in stock. • Never try to lift any part of the dock leveler manually. 0 recommended spare parts - u-series mechanical dock leveler 15 8. McGuire offers brochures, spec sheets, owner&39;s manuals, pit details, check sheets and many other documents on all their loading dock equipment. 2 deploying the dock leveler 13 7. 0 decal identification and location 16 10.

Mech EOD Rev J May. Kelley dock levelers have been leaders in engineering design since 1953, when Kelley invented the world’s first counterbalanced dock leveler and created an entire industry. Main extension spring gas shock aFX Push Rod brake band ramp control hold down. Stay clear of the dock leveler when it is moving. Kelley - EOD Air-Powered Manual. This User’s Manual contains information that kelley dock leveler parts manual you need to safely install, operate and maintain the vehicle restraint. Kelley Cantilevered Dock Leveler Pit Details (pdf - 127.

It also contains a complete parts list and information about ordering replacement parts. Unband the Dock Leveler and discard all shipping material. • Do not use the dock leveler if the lip’s full width is not fully supported by the vehicle load bed. Get 100% full-time safety at dock level, as well as below-dock end-load situations, and. To use a dock leveler, the operator raises the ramp and the lip swings out. Gas Spring.

Kelley offers edge-of-dock levelers (EOD),mechanical dock levelers, air-powered dock levelers, hydraulic dock levelers, as well as vertical dock levelers (VSL). With each pass they experience an unpleasant jarring effect created by the bumps and gaps that exist in outdated leveler designs – so does their equipment and the product being transported. Kelley (4Front Entrematic) - aFX Air-Powered Dock Leveler. 0 equipment component illustrations 17. 3 storing the dock leveler 13 7. 1209 NOVEMBER part of the SMOOTH TRANSITION DOK SYSTEMTM MADE IN U. The average platform size is 6x 6 and can accommodate forklifts and cargo up to 35,000 pounds. Whether you’re working with cold storage, food & beverage or heavy industrial operations, there’s a Serco loading dock solution to fit your unique demands and warehouse challenges.

You may find safety signal words such as DANGER, WARNING, CAUTION or NOTICE throughout this User’s Manual. 5&39; (4) 6&39; (25) 6&39;, 8&39;, 10&39; (1) 8&39; (24) 8&39;, 10&39; (5) 10&39; (16). Manual Dock Levelers are the most economical, the least amount of maintenance and are activated by pull chain release. 1 recommended spare parts - ratchet hold-down assembly 15 9. . We offer a full line of dock accessories, including do it yourself dock hardware, dock ladders, dock bumpers and much more.

Box 309, Germantown, WI. Serco Hyd 60 80k Rev C February. Serco Vehicle Restraint PitBull Saftey Loc SL10, SL20, SL40. A dock leveler includes a ramp (hinged along its rear edge) and a lip (hinged at the front of the ramp). Please read and follow this User’s Manual when installing the dock leveler. In general, Pit Mount Dock Levelers are safer, have a higher capacity and can handle a wider range of truck platform heights.

prior to using the dock leveler, or if the application conditions for the dock leveler change in any respect, contact your authorized pentalift representative to confirm the specific dock leveler’s suitability for the application. Welcome, and thank you for buying your vehicle restraint from Kelley®. 5 overriding the fall-safe option 14 8. Serco Air Conversion. A leader in the loading dock industry for five decades and counting.

How many parts does the Kelley leveler have? The Kelley aFX-S dock leveler provides the same proven air-powered performance, design features and warranty as the aFX®, but also incorporates a 5″ high, full-width, constant structural steel barrier, capable of withstanding a 10,000 lb. Dock Levelers Kelley dock levelers have been leaders in engineering design since 1953, when Kelley invented the world’s first counterbalanced dock leveler and created an entire industry. Toe Guards & Misc. Kelley HK HK S 1 Button. Dock Lifts; In-Plant Lifts; HVLS Fans. Kelley HK and HK S 3 Button.

Serco Air Rev F Demcember. Dock Leveler Owners Manual This Manual Covers Dock Levelers Built After Serial Number: 04ID410001M and up PRINTED IN U. Mech Leveler CM WL WS Rev P March. Many forklift operators travel across conventional dock levelers more than 100,000 times each year. of the dock leveler. Kelley (4Front Entrematic) is known for their green dock plates and Star 4 "truk-stop" trailer restraints. loading dock and freight carrier to allow safe, efficient freight Use of dock leveler restricted to trained operators. The Kelley brand was established in 1953 with the invention of the world’s first counterbalanced dock leveler.

In 1994, the introduction of the Kelley air-powered dock leveler revolutionized the industry as we know it today. There are numerous upgrades and dock leveler replacement parts available for both manual and hydraulic dock levelers. The Kelley HK Hydraulic Dock Leveler can also be equipped with a steel safety barrier lip to prevent accidental forklift roll-off.

The maximum uncontrolled drop of a Kelley HK dock ® leveler from any position is 3 inches. Hydraulic and Manual Dock Levelers are usually recessed into the dock in a concrete pit. Hydraulic Dock Levelers are powered with a motor, pump and reservoir utilizing one or more hydraulic cylinders, controlled by a push button control station.

Kelley dock levelers continue to feature innovations that are stronger, longer-lasting and more dependable. Serco Manual and Automatic Light Communication. W194N11481 McCormick Dr. When was the Kelley dock leveler introduced?

Serco SLP Vehicle Restraint Safety Loc. Using appropriate hoisting equipment, use the lifting eye located in the lip to sling the Dock. It provides full hydraulic operation with single push-button activation. What is a Kelley dock? : USE CAUTION WHEN UNBANDING THE EOD LEVELER. hydraulic dock leveler dock leveler capacity: the rated capacity of the dock leveler as stated on the serial number plate is a static rating. • Always keep the work area clean and free of litter. Mechanical Dock Levelers Series "C" Mechanical Leveler (1990) Series "CM" Mechanical Leveler (1996) Series "CM" Mechanical Leveler () Series "SM" Mechanical Leveler () Dyna-Load Mechanical Levele.

PAL Leveler Rev D December. Shop for parts for Kelley Atlantic mechanical, hydraulic, and air dock levelers, such as holdowns, lip lifters, lip shocks, release chains, and lifting arms. Our experts can help you out with any loading dock kelley dock leveler parts manual questions, or support with OEM manuals. The HK Series Hydraulic Dock Leveler is built with performance and efficiency in mind. Kelley Plate/Ramp Models include: aFX, aFX-S, aFX-C, CM, HP, CM, HP, HK, HHC, VLS, KM, KA. Boasting many industry firsts, they can be credited with the first air-powered dock leveler, the first automatic wheel chocking system, and many more unique innovations.

This results in greater maintenance requirements and a more frequent need to replace parts, especially springs. Click here for Kelley Dock Equipment Manuals. DOCK LEVELER TO THE CONCRETE.

We Provide 20 for you about kelley dock leveler manuals- page 1. Kelley - Mechanical Dock Leveler () Kelley - Mechanical Dock Leveler () Kelley - EOD Edge of Dock Mechanical Leveler. 17 KB) HK Series Hydraulic Dock Leveler & STAR Restraint Pit Details (pdf - 340. Page 29 oPeraTion, continued Dock LeVeLers wiTH aUTo-reTUrn To Dock Fig. Hydraulic Dock Levelers Kelley hydraulic dock levelers are designed to handle the fast pace of busy loading docks. Who makes Kelley dock levelers? Summary of Contents for Kelley aFX Page 1 /aFX-S Dock Leveler ® This User’s Manual applies to aFX dock levelers manufactured beginning September with the serial numbersand. Dock Leveler Length.

. Shop Kelley loading dock parts and accessories conveniently online. Here you can find the latest products in different kinds of kelley dock leveler manuals. 29 oPTion Do not operate the dock leveler when anyone is on or in front of it. Kelley dock levelers continue to feature innovations that are stronger, longer-lasting and more dependable for a more productive workplace. This User’s Manual contains information that you need to safely install, operate, maintain and identify parts for the dock leveler.

Kelley aFX a FX S. Kelley FX C Rev K March. kelley dock systems Kelley Dock System is your trusted resource for all docking needs.

Mechanical Dock Levelers; Air-Powered Dock Levelers; Hydraulic Dock Levelers; Power-Assisted Dock Levelers; Vertical Dock Levelers; Edge-of-Dock Levelers; Dock Leveler Options; Dock Bridges. Today the Kelley product line includes dock levelers, vehicle restraints, integrated control systems, dock seals and shelters, HVLS warehouse fans, ergonomic scissor lift tables and a full array of products and services specifically. Curlin Material Handling Systems Integration, Conveyors, Dock.

Rite Hite, Kelley, McGuire, Serco, Blue Giant, DLM, Rytec, PowerAmp, Nordock, Entrematic, SPX,, 52100. Advanced hydraulic technology and standard features like regenerative hydraulics, premier lug-style lip hinges, Lambda beam structure and unique open-frame designs keep productivity high and maintenance costs low. Find the parts you need with Multi-Fab&39;s kelley dock leveler parts manual large selection of Kelley Atlantic replacement parts today.

All the parts and info you need in once place. Mechanical Dock Leveler Series W-M Mechanical Dock Leveler () Mechanical Dock Leveler () Serco/Kelley Edge of Dock Leveler. The KELLEy aFX-C dock leveler is designed to span and ® Before operating the dock leveler, read and follow the compensate for space and height differences between a Safety Practices on page 3. Please email com if you don&39;t see what you need. Star 1 - Kelley Truk Stop.

Load Hog Rev J May May. numerous dynamic loading factors result in the gross load capacity (rollover capacity) being significantly less than the rated static capacity of the dock leveler. Kelley, manufacturer of quality dock levelers and dock equipment, has been driven by innovation since 1953. In addition to the levelers, they provide quality restraints, controls, dock seals/shelters and dock doors by TKO.

RITE-HITE PRINT SHOP PUBLICATION NO. In addition to the levelers, they provide quality restraints, controls, dock shelters and dock doors. Mechanical dock levelers use springs and contain many moving parts that are always under pressure. KEEP HANDS CLEAR OF PINCH POINTS AND WEAR APPROPRIATE SAFETY kelley dock leveler parts manual ATTIRE - GLASSES, GLOVES AND WORK BOOTS 3. Kelley offers edge of dock levelers, mechanical dock levelers, air-powered dock levelers, hydraulic dock levelers, as well as vertical dock levelers. Star 2 - Kelley Truk Stop with 202B Control Module. Parts for Kelley Mechanical, Hydraulic, and Air Dock Levelers Fasteners for Kelley Dock Levelers.

Kelley dock leveler parts manual

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